Connect, Support,
and Empower Your
Experience wins when you place
people at the heart of your business
Highly motivated and engaged employees bring their
best to the job – and that helps your business win.
But what’s the best way to motivate and engage people?
You need to listen to their needs, provide the tools and
information that enable productivity, and help them
make a real impact on the business.
Redefine Employee Experiences
Human experience management (HXM) solutions from SAP
can help people feel connected, empowered, and supported
through every step of the employee journey.
HXM Human Experience Management
Nurture and engagement
Hiring and onboarding
Culture and belonging
Pay and benefits
Guidance and efficiency
Appreciation and impact
Opportunities and growth
Feedback and improvement
Learning and development
Merge best practices with integrations to other systems using guided workflows.
Gain the insight you need to identify opportunities, risks, and trends with powerful analytics that turn intelligence into action.
Extend your HR capabilities by tapping into the power of SAP solutions and more than 300 partner apps.
Remain compliant with local legal best practices for more than 100 countries, including payroll support in nearly 50 countries.
Experience Wins with HXM Solutions from SAP
SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite helps companies become intelligent enterprises with innovative solutions that truly engage your workforce. Our solutions help your employees deliver more, build a positive culture, and advocate for your brand – accelerating your business transformation and driving new success.
Empower Your Workers to Succeed
To learn how our solutions can help you build a
more motivated, engaged workforce – and a
better bottom line for your business – visit us.