Are you getting enough value from your CRM?


Three-year return
on investment




Customer view

Maximize Business Value
and Deliver Superior
Customer Experiences

Now more than ever, bottom-line success depends on providing exceptional customer experiences – from sales to service – that drive satisfaction, loyalty, and revenue and help set your business apart.

Our team was getting stagnated in terms of growth,
and we needed to really go out and start converting
more business. Realizing that our sales and service
tools were the primary cause of the stagnation, this
started our journey to modernize and to really look at
SAP Sales Cloud.

Senior Director of Sales Operations and Effectiveness, Leading Manufacturer of Plumbing Fixtures and Accessories

Exploring the Economic Impact

Adjust the calculator sliders to enter your information and discover what ROI your organization might realize. Benefits are estimated over three years. *

Annual revenue
Percentage of revenue channels enhanced by sales-force automation
Number of
service agents
Net present value
Key impacts

Overcoming Sales Challenges

Typical legacy CRM solutions aggregate customer data, but they don’t help
sales organizations glean useful insights. The SAP Sales Cloud solution helps
you eliminate manual processes that hinder sales performance as well as
solution adoption. A unified view of the customer allows you to uncover
new sales opportunities and reduce churn.

With SAP Sales Cloud, you can uncover insights, gain agility,
and deliver results.


Revenue uplift


View of every customer

The fact that sales representatives control and have an understanding of what the customer does and what type of a relationship we have or how the relationship is progressing saves us a ton of manpower, and it increases customer satisfaction.

Head of Technology Services, Leading Online Business Directory

Improving Service Engagements

Customer retention is a critical service priority, but disjointed management processes and data can hinder attempts at improving engagement. The SAP Service Cloud solution enables a holistic approach to customer service, providing revealing insights and decision-making support to help you improve customer experiences – as well as loyalty and retention.

With SAP Service Cloud, you can quickly respond to customer issues, recommend best courses of action, and accelerate service ticket resolution.

Up to 12%

Increase in customer retention

50% improvement

In customer service agent efficiency

SAP has improved our sales and customer service efficiency and productivity, while also probably making our customers happy that they are not being called by two different people on the sales day about the same thing or the fact that the left hand isn’t talking to the right hand.

Head of Technology Services, Marketing
Financial model
Case study

Total Economic
Impact Methodology

To better understand the potential benefits and costs of the solutions, Forrester interviewed customers using SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud, aggregating their experiences into a single, composite organization to create a comparative total economic impact model.

Discovering What the Solutions
Can Do for You

SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud help you empower sales teams to connect with buyers and win business while improving the speed and success of customer service engagements. Turn customers into advocates and build lasting relationships with measurable business impact.

Estimated total economic impact benefits:


Revenue uplift from
sales-force automation


Decrease in service
resolution time


Postsale revenue
uplift from service


Service contract
revenue increase

Up to

Increase in
customer retention


Additional uplift when using
SAP Sales Cloud and
SAP Service Cloud together

Source: “Total Economic Impact of SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud,” a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAP, June 2021.

*The underlying financial model for this ROI calculator has been commissioned by SAP and delivered by Forrester Consulting based on its Total Economic Impact™ methodology. SAP created this calculator, and Forrester has not verified it for accuracy or certified its results. Although great care has been taken to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the model used in this analysis, SAP and Forrester are unable to accept any legal responsibility for any actions taken on the basis of the information contained herein. The analysis is provided "as is," and SAP and Forrester make no warranties of any kind.