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Intelligent business software increasingly knows more about you, your role in the organization, and the way you work best. But how does context-aware IT affect the way organizations design and deploy software? What’s the impact of applications and networks that “know” things about users – on enterprises, their workers, and user privacy?
Technology experts explore these issues and more in the latest issue of Horizons by SAP, sponsored by the New Ventures and Technologies organization.
Horizons by SAP
Issue 2:
Context-Aware IT
What are context-aware systems?
Innovative IT technologies combine user-created data, information about user situations and constraints, and external enterprise data to deliver an optimized user experience. Using advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning to enrich decision-making with context, these solutions can amplify and augment human output.
By embedding context-aware technologies into your enterprise software applications, you’ll find new ways to help workers succeed personally and professionally – while meeting your business goals.
Christian Klein, CEO, SAP SE
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Software that is more human – understanding the context in which things happen in the enterprise – will be the next step toward amplifying and augmenting what workers can accomplish.
Max Wessel, Chief Innovation Officer, SAP
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